Custom design


“The Vasia team is so amazing! They captured exactly my concept, and created a beautiful 3-D rendering of it, but the most amazing and important part is, the real playground turned out to be faithfully true to the 3-D rendering I was presented!” 

It is important that an indoor playground not only looks good but are also comfortable, fun and ultimately safe for kids. vasia’s playground designs takes into account the dynamics of kids’ interaction and traffic flow throughout the playground and are designed with safety and fun in mind. We make sure to have a targeted mix of different activities and allowing kids of different ages and abilities to move comfortably from activity to activity.

Almost all of vasia’s play equipment can be customized to customer’s requirements. The playground designs shown on vasia’s website are only a small selection of the indoor playground designs that we have designed and built, they are the most popular ones and our standard “off the shelf” playgrounds. If you would like to have your playground custom-designed and stand out from competition, we will be happy to custom design a new design for you. We also have a variety of themes you can choose from for your playground designs. Come talk to our playground consultants to see how we can help.

Listen to the customers and advise

Vasia works closely with customers from the start of the playground conception all the way to after the playground has been installed. Our playground consultants will listen to your ideas about your playground concept and provide you with professional opinions on the pros and cons of your ideas/concept based on our long experience in working with FECs’ and indoor play centers.

Choose an example design

In accordance with your concept and budget, our consultants can then help you with selecting some examples of playground designs from our large library and choosing one that would be most suitable for you.You can also browse through our large offering of play events to put into the playground, our playground consultant will advise you on to make sure that they are suitable for your playgrounds.

3-D designing

After playground, themes and play events have been selected, our playground designer will create a true-scale 3D model of your indoor playground and match it to your floor plan. Our experienced designers will not just make sure the playground fit perfectly in the floor plan given, but also maximize all of the space provided (length, width and height). The design service is provided free of charge and we will be happy to revise the design until it meets your expectations.

Unique original design

If you need an original and unique playground design, the vasia designer team will be glad to help you create a one-of-a-kind origninal playground theme which will include custom-designed play equipment/events, decorations and signages for your indoor playground center. Firstly, our designer will create a conceptual design for you to preview and approve. After the concept design is approved, our 3D designers will attach them to the playground design and provide you with a 3D model of the playground design. After the order is placed, the production team will then manufacture the playground in accordance to the approved design.

*Please note that although our standard design service is provided free-of-charge, requests for fully-customized original designs will have to be charged a design fee before we can start the design process.