Company activity

Our company HUXAIXA organized a spring outing on the nanxi river camping base .On March 16, in order to enrich the staff's spare time life and enhance the cohesion among colleagues, We made an appointment to have a picnic on nanxi river .
The weather is so good, the sun is so bright, the mood is so happy!!!Our picnic team started to work.Our division of labor is very clear,it make picnic activities go smoothly;Wash vegetables, wash dishes, cut vegetables, make fire, fry vegetables...We are very busy but we are very happy.3.16楠溪江野炊
Nanxi river camping base of the outdoor expansion like HUAXIA products(our company), So we went to experience has so many pass level and we all passed.adults and children are very happy to play.3.16楠溪江菜
When we do the outward bound activities, the cooking group is done. The table was covered with food.we toast to celebrate this happy Saturday, but also thank the busy companions.On the table we are talking and laughing, eating food.we look like a warm, loving family.
Through this activity, let us understand the clear division of labor cooperation can make half the work with double results;It also enables new employees to quickly integrate into the team;And let's relieve the pressure of work .We hope that in the future work and life, we can help each other,and we can cooperate with each other to create a win-win situation.3.16楠溪江大合照